Expert Author Georgiana Carollus
Have you tried to meditate and given up in frustration? Does this frustration cause you to feel more anxious than relaxed? If you are feeling frustrated by your inability to quiet your mind, do this guided meditation as an easy alternative to a more formal practice.

Any quite meditation can have physiological, emotional, and psychological benefits. Guided meditations give the mind attention while still allowing you to flee the mind's every-day busyness and constant chattering. Using your imagination and a guided meditation can assist you naturally find peace and a way of contentment by quietly allowing your mind to settle into a state of calm.

This simple exercise relies on using your imagination to assist you relax. First, read through the directions then try it for yourself.

Imagine yourself during a sunny place where you are feeling safe and secure. It are often an area you've got visited before or it are often an area you simply imagine. See yourself sitting during this place feeling very safe and secure. Feel bathed by the soft sunlight. enjoys that sunlight, feeling it bathe and warm you. Enjoy the experience of feeling that warmth. inhale the heat and let it fill you from head to toe. If you notice any tensions in your body, let the sun's soft warmth gently relax your muscles and any tension your muscles could also be holding. As you're imagining yourself sitting there, if your mind starts to drift or gets busy with everyday concerns (as minds have a bent to do), just bring yourself back to feeling the daylight bathe you. Relax into the heat of the daylight .

That's all there's to it! Spend a couple of minutes imagining yourself during a safe place being bathed by a warm, golden light. There are not any rules to the present and you'll change it to suit yourself. you'll even change the colour from golden to the other color that appeals to you. Maybe you are feeling you'd preferably be bathed in blue or purple! once you start, you'll ask yourself what color appeals to you most and accompany that.

You can create your own mini-vacation and luxuriate in the physiological, emotional, and psychological benefits of meditating by travelling in your mind to your favorite space and allowing yourself to enjoy the heat of the sun. Increase your happiness and sense of well-being by gifting yourself with time for yourself. Give yourself an opportunity from your constant busyness and let your mind and body relax. After a couple of minutes, you'll return to your lifestyle feeling more relaxed, refreshed, and restored.


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