Expert Author Georgiana Carollus
How often does one congratulate yourself for something you've got done? Are you more likely to criticize than congratulate yourself? Increase your happiness and reduce your stress by being more supportive of yourself and acknowledging your efforts also as your results.

We are wired to require results and other people tend to live success by the results that they see. once we are overly goal-focused, we fail to acknowledge the great work that we expend before reaching a goal. If we fail to succeed in our predetermined goal, we may discount any of our efforts. In fact, we frequently only give ourselves some quite acknowledgement if we achieve our goals.

Most people don't appreciate the worth of private effort. the matter with this is often that life isn't constantly crammed with results. Sometimes, despite our greatest efforts, we are unable to realize our goals. Efforts are a critical element within the ultimate achievement of any goal. In fact, sometimes the more effort expended toward achieving a goal, the sweeter the sense of accomplishment once a goal is reached.

Goals are important yet there's great value in taking pure and straightforward action and doing what must be done, albeit you do not get the results that you simply want. In fact, just taking action can require great courage and fortitude. Is there any reason to discount this courage if the result one wants doesn't materialize? Is it not better to congratulate yourself and acknowledge your bravery than to criticize yourself for not achieving your goal?

Working toward a goal may involve struggle, actions that cause dead-ends, and trial solutions that just don't work. The actress Carol Burnett said, "I have always grown from my problems and challenges, from the items that do not compute , that's when I've really learned." And, Thomas Watson said, "Would you wish me to offer you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure."

The fact is that we are wired to require results. rather than judging yourself solely on the results you achieve, see the larger picture and provides yourself credit for your efforts also . Value every action you're taking and each difficult step. Acknowledge your effort, determination, and persistence whether you succeed or fail. Increase your happiness quotient by giving yourself a pat on the rear and allowing yourself to require pride in yourself and your actions.


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