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Conducting a job search is stressful by its very nature and that stress seems to multiply during the holidays. Here are some job search stress management tips to help you during the holidays.
Enjoy the Social Aspects of the Season
The holidays and the end of the year are wonderful occasions to re-connect with friends and business acquaintances. Social gatherings are opportunities to meet new people and establish new relationships. Instead of approaching social occasions as obligations, look at them as opportunities to share experiences and make connections.
Reach Out to Friends and Family
For many, the temptation to self-isolate while looking for employment can be strong. Being alone during the holidays can be especially difficult. Fight any temptation to self-isolate and keep your connections to friends and family strong. Rely on them when you need a pick-me-up and some relief from the demands of your employment campaign. If your search is stalled, ask them to brain-storm some options with you.
Stay Busy
Manage your time well during the holidays. Take advantage of end-of-the-year hiring efforts and maintain your job search efforts. Keep your spirits up by reminding yourself that even if some efforts don't pay off, others will. Consider taking a seasonal position to relieve some financial pressure, gain work experience, and create new networking opportunities.
Volunteer opportunities abound during the holidays. Many not-for-profits are at their busiest at the end-of-the-year and volunteers are in short supply. Helping others less fortunate than yourself can give you a new appreciation for what you do have. Volunteering may also provide you with some valuable work-related experience.
Be a Creative Gifter
If your financial resources are stressed, avoid the temptation to over-spend on gifts for others. Enjoy being creative about what you give to others. A thoughtful letter expressing your appreciation or an inexpensive photo collection may be well-received more warmly than any high-priced gift. Also, consider the pleasures of shared, inexpensive experiences. Upon successful completion of a job search, many note that they appreciated the time it afforded them to spend with loved ones. With the flexibility your job search provides, you may have the time to create some memorable experiences.
What Makes You Happy?
What are your favorite stress-relievers? Is it going for a walk outside, exercising, listening to music, talking to a friend, baking, writing, dancing? Make time for your favorite stress relievers!
The holidays can be an especially challenging time to be job searching. With the right mindset, the holidays can also be a very fruitful time and can lead to job search success. Manage your holiday job search stress by incorporating these tips into your job search.


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